Corona screening

As of 5 July every patient staying in the hospital for at least 1 night will always be screened for COVID-19 at admission. For certain consultations, funtional tests and day admissions you need to come to the hospital for an advance preventive screening. If you need to be screened, you will be informed.

Who is being screened?

Patients admitted to the hospital for at least one night, will be screened. Read the specific guidelines.

If you have to come to the hospital for a consultation, functional test or day admission, you only need preventive screening in specific cases. Read the specific guidelines.

Only for patients of UZ Leuven

Only patients who have an appointment or surgery at UZ Leuven that requires screening, can be screened at UZ Leuven.

You cannot be tested on your own initiative. You can contact your doctor or one of the triage centers for this.

Consultation, functional tests and day admission

If you have to come to the hospital for a consultation, functional test or day admission, you only need preventive screening in specific cases.

Have you been fully vaccinated?

You do not need to be screened for your hospital appointment.

Demonstrating that you have been vaccinated, is only possible with the vaccination certificate on the mobile CovidSafeBE app. You can also download the proof from the Mijngezondheid website

Exception: dentistry

Every patient with an appointment for a procedure on the dentistry department at the Sint-Rafaël campus, needs to be screened at the screening station 48 hours in advance, even if you have been fully vaccinated.

Recovery certificate

For patients with a recovery certificate, the same measures apply as for fully vaccinated outpatients. You can find the recovery certificate in the CovidSafeBE-app.

You have not been (fully) vaccinated?

For certain activities and procedures, a preventive screening will be required.

If you need to be screened, we will make an appointment for you, and you will be informed.

A preventive screening is planned 48 hours in advance and is by appointment only. The screening takes place in the screening station.

Urgent and unplanned procedures

If you are admitted to the hospital for an urgent or unplanned procedure that requires screening, there will be a rapid test in the hospital.

Admission (at least 1 night)

If you are admitted to the hospital, you will still be screened for COVID-19, because, on the ward, you might have contact with vulnerable patients or patients that have not been vaccinated. Even if you have been fully vaccinated, you will still be screened at admission.

Patients admitted for a longer period of time will be screened weekly, regardless of their vaccination status.

Planned admission

The screening for admitted patients no longer takes place in advance at the screening station, but on the ward.

Urgent or inplanned admission

You will be screened in the emergency room.

Screening location

The screening will take place in the drive-through screening station in the underground parking West.


  • Follow the signs to campus Gasthuisberg the arrow P West.
  • From the road interchange follow the signs to 'screening corona'.
  • Enter the parking lot.
  • Take a ticket at the barrier. You can exit the car park with the same ticket after the screening.
  • Follow the signs to 'Screening corona'.

LPG vehicles and vehicles higher than 2,6 meters

  • Park outdoors at parking Oost (follow the signs P Oost).
  • Take the route for other road users.

Are you on foot or on the bus?

  • Enter the hospital at the reception hall.
  • From there follow the arrows 'Toegang West' and then the arrows 'Screening corona'.
  • The walking time up to the screening station is approximately 15 minutes.

Are you on your bike?

First park your bike in the bike stand West.
Follow the signs to 'Screening corona'.

You can also park your bike in bike stand East. Then take the route for pedestrians and bus users.

Check the location of the bike stands


Duration: +/- 10 minutes

  • Wear a mouth mask.
  • Have your ID card ready.
  • Motorists
    • Turn the engine off when you're in the queue.
    • Stay in the car.
  • We will let you know when it is your turn.
  • A care worker will take a swab from your throat and nose.
  • You return home.


You will only be contacted when you've tested positive for COVID-19. The treating doctor decides whether the admission or examination can continue with the necessary safety precautions or whether to postpone it for several weeks.

Without notice of the contrary, you will come to the hospital at the appointed time.

The result of your test will also be available in the app mynexuzhealth.


  • Call 016 34 71 01

    • Week days: from 8 am to 5 pm
    • Saturdays and Sundays: from 8 am to 3 pm
Last edit: 15 July 2021