CeMex stands for the Centre for Medical Expertise. This is a multidisciplinary centre for medical-social and medical-legal advice and expert opinions on issues relating to damage to health and medical problems. CeMex is easily accessible to the national social security service, health insurance funds, social and private insurance institutions, trade unions, lawyers, courts and tribunals, doctors, companies and individual patients. The CeMex doctors offer you a transparent and impartial opinion, that is scientifically well founded, formulated in a manner that can be used by the principal (correct formulation, correct procedure and reporting), and that offers clear value for money.

Example of assignments

  • patients with consolidation proposal from insurance company
  • appraisal of feasibility of industrial accident dossiers
  • appraisal of feasibility of appeal against fund for occupational illness or child benefit fund
  • problem of medical liability
  • request for assistance with out-of-court or judicial expert appraisal
  • expert appraisals for industrial tribunal or civil courts.


Our rates are available upon request.

Steering group

Coordination and day-to-day management

  • prof. dr. P. Donceel

Umbrella steering groups

  • prof. dr. K. Peers, head of service, physical medicine, UZ Leuven
  • prof. dr. P. Broos, head of service, head of traumatology, UZ Leuven
  • prof. dr. P. Donceel, insurance medicine
  • prof. dr. W. Van de Voorde, head of service, forensic medicine centre, UZ Leuven


At UZ Leuven cooperation takes place with various doctors in the context of a multidisciplinary approach to damage assessments.