Ask your doctor or care provider about the how and why and the procedure involved in a treatment or operation. Find out how you need to prepare (do you need to fast beforehand, for instance?). If something is not clear or if you have doubts about anything, say so. If you still have questions after the doctor has seen you, write them down so that you can ask at the next visit.

Ask a member of your family to come with you when your diagnosis, test results, treatment plan or discharge are explained to you. This will prevent you from forgetting something important.

Let someone know if anything is not as you expected or as was explained to you. Tell the care provider how you feel. Ask what you can and or cannot do and keep the appointments made with the care provider for your treatment. If you suddenly notice things that seem odd to you (such as sudden blood loss from a wound), talk to your care provider immediately.

Give your care provider full details about your state of health, any allergies and the medication you take