Saturday, February 11th 2017 - auditorium Da Vinci

Session 6 : Critical incident reporting 

Chairmen :

  • M. Van de Velde (Leuven)
  • P. Wouters (Gent)
Time             Subject Speaker
0845-0900 Welcome M. Van de Velde
0900-0930 Preventing medication errors ! M. Casteels / I. Spriet
0930-1000 How can big data help : the role of good data collection D. Longrois

Working on quality is also learning from incidents

K. Vanhaecht
1030-1100 The second victim D. Boshoff
1100-1130 Coffee Break  

Session 7 : Some final essentials

Chairmen :

  • J. Poelaert (Brussel)
  • G. Poortmans (Leuven)
Time                  Subject Speaker
1130-1200 Life-work balance : work hours, part-time work/training

R. Slappendel

1200-1230 The Helsinki declaration, analysed S. De Hert
1230-1300 The essential role of simulation S. Gisin
1300-1330 Does every patient undergoing anesthesia need an anaesthesiologist ?  Can we be replaced by nurse anesthetists ? K. Domino
1330-1430 Farewell lunch