On the day you are admitted, you are to report to the reception desk at the appointed time. A receptionist will refer you to registration for all administrative arrangements and information. Then, if you would like, she will accompany you to the department where you will stay and will introduce you to the nurses, who can give you more specific information about your admission.
If you are already familiar with the hospital and the nursing department, you can go directly to registration and then report to the nursing unit.

Registration of information

The registration department registers all patient, insurance and admission information. You will be given an admission statement, which contains general information about the financial terms of your admission. This statement is also confirmation of your room choice.

Due to the limited number of private rooms, it is not always possible to comply with your requests from the day of your admission. The room you requested may not be available. Tell the nursing staff in the unit where you are staying immediately about your request. As soon as one of your room preferences becomes free, you will be given priority. A member of the medical administration staff will then come by to have you sign a new admission statement.

Patient wristband

When you register, a passport photograph will be taken, which will be used in your patient file. You will be given a wristband with a barcode, which shows your personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, gender, personal patient number). You should wear this identification band throughout your stay in the hospital. In this way it is clear at all times who you are and no misunderstandings can arise concerning your treatment or care. Moreover, you yourself can also check that your information is correct. 

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